And so, it begins… Welcome to Actual Size magazine: both in print and website form.  creative, intelligent, culturally clued-up, design-conscious women who, as citizens of the world, are interested in far more than the narrow parameters of most women’s magazines would have us believe. Our focus is on general brilliance (this photo, taken on a sunny bank holiday recently sums up our ethos perfectly)  lives well-lived, creative careers or pastimes and everything else that being a woman involves.

Let's do this differently… We will never comment negatively about a woman’s shape or size, her age, what she chooses to wear or her personal life choices. We think it’s time for that to stop. We will, however, seek out anything and everything that we think you may be interested in, as well as showcasing astonishing individuals and creative ventures, and make it our mission to tell you all about it. The website is intended to give you snippets of Actual Size in between print editions, and is great for dipping in and out of. 

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August 12, 2019