CULTURE: That Old Black Magic: Cathi Unsworth

Photographs by Etienne Gilfillan


When acclaimed novelist David Peace described his fellow acclaimed novelist Cathi Unsworth as ‘the first lady of noir fiction’, he hit the nail firmly on the head. There are very few authors with such a remarkable ability to highlight the sights, sounds and often warped humanity of various decades of the 20th century than contemporary crime literature’s most stylish writer (we don’t point this last fact out to be shallow: style and suave are a huge part of the world that Cathi both creates with her atmospheric book readings, and also writes about).
At Actual Size magazine, we’ve been following her trajectory since way back in 2005 with her first novel ‘The Not Knowing’. The books have come thick and fast since then, and her new tome ‘That Old Black Magic’, which sees a police officer working undercover for a spiritualist magazine, German spy rings, murder, mystery and mayhem will at times leave you feeling as if you’re struggling struggling for breath with its sometimes claustrophobic, always gripping narrative. That Old Black Magic £12.99: Serpents Tail











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August 12, 2019