CAREER: Your magazine needs you! A Call to Contribute

Is your other hat a chef’s hat? Let us know



In an early issue of Actual Size magazine we are planning a feature about people who undertake creative side projects in addition to their ‘main’ work: this might be a new career you’re working towards, a lucrative career sideline, something that earns you some extra money here and there… the main point is that it’s something totally different to what you do for work the rest of the time. We hope to feature as many people as possible in Actual Size but to do that we need to know about you. Please do get in touch {please link to our contact page}  and tell us about anything that springs to mind in this area. Also, if you’re interested in contributing to the magazine with other content, please take a look at our contributors page for more information. Thanks!





























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August 12, 2019