LIFE: The Elixir of Live Music

A new study has found that watching live music is better for your wellbeing than yoga. The conclusion was reached after volunteers were fitted with heart rate monitors, split up and sent to a Paloma Faith concert, a yoga session or to walk their dog. Psychometric tests carried out before and after the activities, showed that those who attended the live concert saw their mood boosted by 21 percent, compared to 10 and 7% for the yoga goers and dog walkers.
The study was conducted by Patrick Fagan, an expert in behavioural science and an associate lecturer at Goldsmith’s University in London. Now, we don’t claim to be scientists here at Actual Size magazine, but we do agree wholeheartedly with the conclusion that going out to watch live music can be really, really good for you. It’s very easy for things to get bit ‘pipe and slippers’ in life, especially when the rest of our lives is always so busy and energy is precious, but a few trips to live gigs recently have firmly reminded us that the next day we always have a spring in our step and feel enthused and re-invigorated in a way that can be hard to achieve with more everyday activity. A recent trip to see Japanese stalwarts Shonen Knife (pictured here: we are longtime fans) literally had us feeling upbeat for days.




 Photo by Audrey Sel.


























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August 12, 2019