LOVE: Tell Me How You Really Feel: Courtney Barnett

Every now and again, a song strolls in on the radio that you only half listen to the first time around, but something about it pricks your attention, and the next thing you know you’re humming it to yourself but without knowing the words, and feeling frustrated because you didn’t catch who it was by, so the next time you hear it, you make sure you listen up…  

Courtney Barnett’s Nameless, Faceless is just such a song. Once I hear it, I literally couldn’t get it out of my head and have had it pretty much on constant earworm duty ever since. In a nutshell, this Australian songwriter and musician creates music about being uptight which sounds incredibly laid back: the paradox of this is why it works so well.

Her perfect melodies fit into a grand songwriting  tradition – somewhat lazily she’s been compared to Bob Dylan in the past -  I think it’s more fitting to put her up there with the Breeders (Kim and Kelley Deal guest on her latest album). 

Her second album Tell Me How You Really Feel is Out Now on Milk Records (her own, co-owned label which also gives a platform to several fellow artists), and brings a noticeable growth both musically and lyrically since her first album, which was pretty great in itself. But this is not the place for a huge, involved review.  Just do yourselves a favour and give it a whirl.



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August 12, 2019