LOVE: The Thrill of the Thrift

June 11, 2018

Every kind of shopping has its own appeal: independent shopping, and the feeling of buying from an individual – often one who’s been involved in the actual making process – brings copious rewards, the decent end of the high street can be a fun place to be, I’m as likely as anyone else to be drawn in and captivated by the glitz and glamour of a department store. But there’s something about thrifting and shopping for pre-owned gems that holds a special place in my heart.
When I look around my house, it’s nice to attach a memory to the objects in there – and the non-gift items that I love the most are the ones that I have a strong memory of thrifting for, maybe in a Parisian flea market when my oldest daughter was a baby, or in a junk shop at the British seaside. Last week on holiday I bought a ceramic ornamental duck which a quick google of the sticker still on the bottom shows up to be French, from the sixties and selling on ebay and etsy for upwards of 50 Euros. To me, a mere two pounds from the beachside charity shop.
Back home and a quick scoot to my local charity shop yielded somebody’s entire collection of English language Japanese books. I bought a couple of interesting-looking signed ones - these aren’t books that I knew about before or would have necessarily picked up in a new bookshop, but the story behind them – who is it that’s donated these books all at once and why? –  piqued my interest, and now I have an urge to seek out some more by the same authors.
In these days of ease and speed it’s very hard to fulfil a ‘hunter -gatherer’ instinct when it comes to shopping. But thrifting does just that, and is something you can gain real joy from whatever your current financial situation. Vive le thrift!



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August 12, 2019