TRAVEL: Where Should We Head To Next?

July 20, 2018

Here at Actual Size Magazine Towers we're beavering away on getting the first issue together for your delectation: it's hitting the shops all over the world in late August. A big part of what we do is showcasing the best and brightest places to visit, not least in our regular column: 'The Actual Size Gide To...' We're keeping our first destination under wraps for now, but while we work on that, let's gaze upon some astonishing food from a favourite nearby cafe Lupo. If you haven't been to Lupo (in Salford in the North of England) then you really, really should. 
Anyway, where should we head to next? or better still, do you feel an urge to tell the world about your favourite destination or home metropolis? Please do email us with suggestions and proposals. We can't always reply (although we try our best), but we read every single email and it's always nice to hear from any and all of you. 



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August 12, 2019